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Download Red Giant VFX Suite macOS free latest version. A perfect suite of more than ten tools to insert visual effects like professionals.

Download Red Giant VFX Suite macOS Review

Red Giant VFX Suite is a robust bundle of tools that helps to create realistic and fantastic visual effects that can mesmerize the audience. Further, this tool helps to cover a milestone in term of creating real looking visuals. On the top, it offers to adjust every aspect and effect according to requirements.

Moreover, this suite contains 10 most important tools t crate majestic visual effects. You can get the ability to work with every tool with high precision. Now, no matter either you want to insert Chroma keying or want to add a natural touch in scenes it can do it al.

The following are some tools from this suite.

VFX Supercomp

This tool gives the ability to create a composite that can be difficult to design. But it helps to embed all he objects and elements in one scene or shots in a seamless way. It helps to create and manipulate atmospheric effects with ease.

VF lens distortion

It allows for removing distortion from the lens of any type. Further, it makes the removal of distortion an easy step where you can remove it in just one click now there is no need to know about the lens type, focal length, and fisheye, etc.

VFX primate Keyer

This tool helps to remove or change background just a matter of a few clicks. Similarly, it provides the opportunity to select an automatic option for Chroma keying. You can use ant type of Chroma like blue and green it will perform perfect functionality and will change background effortlessly.

VF King Pin Tacker

It gives the ability to insert objects where you want in the scenes. Further, it allows placing different objects anywhere you want. It gives the ability to rotate and change the orientation of the scenes so that you easily find any corner or area you want to insert objects.

VFX Spot Clone tracker

This helps to simply change the texture and color of different objects in scenes. Likewise, it can remove blemishes, spots, and marks from different spots. It allows removing unwanted ad useless objects from the scenes effortlessly. It gives the ability to change the lighting options.

VFX Optical glow

It allows adding an additional low to anything you want. Further, the user can change the intensity of glow as well. You can make objects other effects look more real and stunning by using this.

VFX chromatic Displacement

The user can use this option or too to create high-quality visual effects. Therefore, you can use it to create ripples, heat outage, and reflection, refraction, and gravity effects.

VFX Knoll light factory

As the name suggests this tool helps to change and adjust the lens and the image it produce. You can create flare according to your need. Likewise, you can use more than 200 different presets with ease.

VFX Shadow

This too helps to create a shadow in the scenes. You can easily customize the length and movement option for shadow. Moreover, it gives the ability to change brightness and other options.

VFX Reflection

It offers to use reflection with the layering option. It allows adjusting the softness, sharpness, and fading effects in the scenes effectively.


All in nutshell, a useful bundle of tools that can take the visual effects to next level.


Red Giant VFX Suite Red Giant VFX Suite Red Giant VFX Suite Red Giant VFX Suite

Feature of Red Giant VFX Suite macOS

  • A suite of ten tools that create perfect visual effects.
  • All tools can be integrated with adobe after effect.
  • Helps to remove lens distortion.
  • Give the ability to change the level of glow.
  • Offers help to use any kind of Chroma key to change the background.
  • You can remove unwanted objects from the shots.
  • Helps to create a complicated and complex composite.
  • The user can remove spots, stains, and marks.
  • Gives the ability to choose any location for objects.
  • It allows inserting shadow in the scenes

Technical Details of Red Giant VFX Suite macOS

  • File Size: 232MB
  • Developer: Red Giant
  • File Name: Red Giant VFX Suite macOS-machubby.dmg

System Compatibility of Red Giant VFX Suite macOS

  • Compatibility: macOS 10.10 or higher
  • System Processor: 64-bit

Red Giant VFX Suite macOS Free Download

Click on the given button to initiate the downloading process of Red Giant VFX Suite macOS DMG free. It takes the user to our fast and secure server “on upload” where you can safely download Red Giant VFX Suite macOS.




If you want an alternative then download Adobe After Effects 2020 v17.1.2 for Mac.

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