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Download SketchUp Pro 2020.0 for Mac free full latest version. This wonderful app gives the ability to create 3D models and designs with great efficiency.

SketchUp Pro 2020.0 for Mac review

SketchUp Pro 2020.0 for Mac is a professional tool that helps to create 3D models in an outstanding environment. Moreover, it let your imagination free to make designs that are worthwhile and beautiful. This app provides all sets of tools that aid the user to enhance work capability.

Besides, a perfect app for architects, interior designers, and project managers to create models and manage them with convenience. In addition, it can design everything from buildings, infrastructure, rooms, interior, and furniture according to requirements.

Further, with the help of its 3D capability, you can visualize all of your design ideas before initializing them in real life. Also, it can sketch the exterior of the building with different styles. You can add details for every part and can tweak them at any time.

This app allows you to view and use different geometrical patterns. Therefore, it can change their size and orientation in your sketches. Similarly, for every design, you can display the length and width of a particular area with convenience.

The user can create building blocks and can use them in different parts of the house. Likewise, you can copy the design of one part and can paste it according to need. Furthermore, the user can outline every model and boundary to increase precision.

It offers you a variety of different options to increase the quality of your design. Additionally, you can enhance the depth, endpoints, and edges of every model to give flawless output. Besides, the user can undo and redo any of their change in just a few clicks.

You can use different textures and styles for your model. similarly, the user can view components and change their design into grids for better sketching. You can select statistical data for your models like nested components, faces, edge. Additionally, you can use images, groups, 3D objects, and polylines and groups, etc.

Support for export and import

This wonderful tool allows you to import an image from various sources like PNG, SKG, and JPG effortlessly. Likewise, you can export your models in different formats like SKP, PNG, and STL efficiently. This app enhances the productivity and workflow of the user to any level.

Collaborate with cloud storage

Most importantly, now you can share your designs with all of your colleagues and clients. It provides about 10GB storage to save your all data. You can get access to your data from any device without any problem. The user can set a password to their data and can use it any time they want.

Include colors, furniture, and 3D objects

You can use different colors for your building from a wide range of palettes. It allows you to use a variety of furniture in your room space. The user can change the area and position of every 3D object. You can use a variety of things like chairs, tables, windows, and doors from its library.


To wrap it up, a useful tool for your model and interior design.


SketchUp Pro 2020.0 for Mac SketchUp Pro 2020.0 for Mac SketchUp Pro 2020.0 for Mac SketchUp Pro 2020.0 for Mac

Features of SketchUp Pro 2020.0 for Mac

  • A reliable tool to create a 3D model of buildings.
  • You can plan the whole city and urban area.
  • The user can design the interior and exterior of buildings.
  • It allows us to form floor plans, ceilings, and pillars, etc.
  • An app that possesses an intuitive and smart interface.
  • This is a unique web-based tool that helps you advanced functionality.
  • It gives the ability to save your all data in cloud storage.
  • You can share your models with colleagues to get a suggestion.
  • The user-friendly tool which is perfect for architect and interior designers.
  • An app that allows adding texture, styles, and colors of diagrams.
  • You can add 3D models and things into your models.
  • It allows us to adjust room space, length, and width of models.
  • The user can import and export models from different sources.

Technical Details of SketchUp Pro 2020.0 for Mac

  • File Size: 831MB
  • Developer: Sketchup pro
  • Product Name: SketchUp Pro 2020.0-machubby-dmg

System Requirements of SketchUp Pro 2020.0 for Mac

  • System Processor: 64-bit
  • OS: macOS 10.12 or higher

Download Free SketchUp Pro 2020.0 for Mac

Click on the given button to initiate the downloading process of SketchUp Pro 2020.0 for Mac DMG free. It takes the user step by step to download buttons for fast and efficient downloading of SketchUp Pro 2020.0 for Mac.




If you want an alternative then download VectorWorks 2020 SP4 for Mac.


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