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Download ForkLift 3.4 for Mac free latest version. A reliable app that gives the ability to share and transfer files through a wide range of protocols.

ForkLift 3.4 for Mac Review

ForkLift 3.4 for Mac is a robust tool that allows us to send files through various protocols like FTP, FXP, WebDAV, and SFTP, etc. Moreover, this app even provides the ability to manage folders and files according to the requirement.

In addition, you can control all files in different networks effortlessly. Likewise, it helps to join more than one server at a time and manage files between them. This wonderful tool gives dual-pane file transfer and management with convenience.

Besides, you can even split or separate pane. The user can change the direction like vertical or horizontal. It can set a remote connection to any remote network. Similarly, the user can mount any network and can work with it as local disks.

Furthermore, this tool provides the ability to choose protocols like BackblazeB2, NFS, Google Drive, SMB, AFP, and Amazon S3, etc. most importantly, you can drag or drop files any time from any network. This tool is simple to use as you only have to add a username and password for log-in.

Synchronize networks

Additionally, the user can synchronize any remote network with its desktop server. You can easily delete clone files and modify the existing ones. It helps to add files to the favorite list for better access. This app allows to update the item, add them, and sync subfolder.

Manage and organize files

It offers the ability to rename a large number of files at once. Likewise, you can add orders, cases, and dates to organize them in a better position. Moreover, if you have an outdated or useless app this tool can help you. it can delete all outdated apps.

This is a navigable tool so you can search for files and folders by their tags. The user can make hidden files in their networks and can get access to them through any shortcut key. It allows previewing files before deleting or transferring them to other networks. So you can play videos and view images without any difficulty.

Similarly, if you do not want your device to read data or files. This tool can move files directly through FXP copy. It allows us to share files and provides Git support with proficiency. You can use Dropbox and copy it’s all useful links.

Most importantly, it gives the opportunity to select dark mode to transfer files. It will reduce the strain and stress of eyes. This option not only increase focus but will enhance productivity. The user can open any files without any difficulty by using any application they want.

Furthermore, this tool helps to insert presets in the files and folders. You can manage store data and transfer. It helps to handle the error, bandwidth, and select downloading options.


On an ending note, it is a powerful tool to transfer data through different protocol networks.


ForkLift 3.4 for Mac ForkLift 3.4 for Mac ForkLift 3.4 for Mac

Features of ForkLift 3.4 for Mac

  • A great tool to manage and transfer files.
  • The user can choose different protocols like FTP, FXP, and Dropbox.
  • An app that has a smart and straightforward interface.
  • It allows us to split panes in different windows.
  • You can delete, add, and transfer files.
  • The user can get Git support.
  • It helps to use or choose the dark mode.
  • This tool can open more than one network at a time.
  • An easy to use the app for everyone.
  • You can mount any network to use it as a disk.
  • It helps to synchronize networks for convenience.
  • The user can delete useless apps.

Technical Details of ForkLift 3.4 for Mac

  • File Size: 43MB
  • Developer: Binarynights
  • Product Name: Forklift 3.4-machubby-DMG

System Requirements of ForkLift 3.4 for Mac

  • System Processor: 64-bit
  • OS: macOS 10.11 or higher

Download Free ForkLift 3.4 for Mac

Click on the given button to initiate the downloading process of ForkLift 3.4 for Mac DMG free. It takes the user fast and efficient downloading of ForkLift 3.4 for Mac.




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