Integrity Pro 9.8.5 for Mac Free Download

Download Integrity Pro 9.8.5 for Mac free latest version. A great tool to detect broken links in multiple websites without difficulty.

Integrity Pro 9.8.5 for Mac Review

Integrity Pro is a reliable app that helps to find, locate, and check all broken or corrupted links on your website. Further, not only broken links can create a site map for your website and can act as a vigilant SEO assistant.

Moreover, to boost any website we need to use the right SEO techniques. This tool will help you to get on the track for the rise of your webpage traffic. Moreover, broken links can be a bad thing for your website traffic. So we can have many broken links on our website and we do not even know.

Then what should we do to check broken links? We can not do it manually if our webpage has lots of posts. So you can use the above mention app to locate all broken links. Likewise, this will helps to boost your Google ranking.

Additionally, it helps to maintain the overall performance of your system. Now you can keep your website clean and functional. Its additional functions can help you to get better results and output from it. You can integrate this tool with your website and can feel relaxed.

Check links

This app gives the ability to run a faster scan to check broken links. Furthermore, you can run a scan for multiple sites. No matter how many pages you want to check it will helps you. Likewise, it is a fast tool that does not drag the scanning process.

It gives a complete report of broken links. The user can see the post or pages with broken links. It provides the ability to download scan reports too. Besides, it allows to search and navigates for special page and post. You can use filters and can export results.

Create Site Maps

Additionally, this tool can export a site map for your website. Even if your website is not big, the site maps will help you to gain the trust of Google. It allows helps to make your website more navigable. The user can edit a sitemap and can change some of its options.

The user can insert photos or pdf documents in a sitemap. You can choose the format to submit it to the search engine. Similarly, it gives the ability to sort all the data and export it. You can use XML format with convenience.

Assistant SEO

It will be at your side when you will be creating a new post or modifying an older one. You can check the spell, tell about Meta description, and look for your keyword. It analyzes your whole website and can help to solve the problems in it.


All in all, a perfect SEO partner that can help to boost traffic for your website.

Integrity Pro 9 for Mac Free Download

Features of Integrity Pro 9.8.5 for Mac

  • Check all broken links on the websites.
  • Run scan to detect the problems in different pages.
  • Perform fast and efficient functioning.
  • You can export or modify the site map.
  • Helps to choose XSL format for sitemaps.
  • It can perform SEO for your website.
  • Offers to find missing data and information on the website.
  • Can check spellings in your posts.
  • Provide a whole scan report with broken links.
  • The user can check the data and can download it.
  • Give the ability to search for missing and overloaded keywords.
  • You can insert images in the sitemap file.

Integrity Pro 9 for Mac Free Download

Technical Details of Integrity Pro 9.8.5 for Mac

  • File Size: 7MB
  • Developer: PeaCockMedia
  • File Name: Integrity Pro 9.8.5 for Mac-machubby.dmg

Integrity Pro 9 for Mac Free Download

System Compatibility of Integrity Pro 9.8.5 for Mac

  • Compatibility: macOS 10.9 or higher
  • System Processor: 64-bit

Download Free Integrity Pro 9 for Mac

Click on the given button to initiate the downloading process of Integrity Pro 9 for Mac DMG free. It takes the user to fast, efficient, and secure downloading of Integrity Pro 9.8.5 for Mac.




If you want an alternative then download Scrutiny 9.9.0 for Mac.

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