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Download ITrash 5.2.0 for Mac free latest version. A great app to uninstall, eradicate, or remove apps along with the shortcuts and all related files.

ITrash 5.2.0 for Mac Review

ITrash 5.2.0 for Mac is an incredible app that helps to uninstall all kinds of apps in just one click completely. Moreover, deleting files is not enough. Sometimes they have lost data and files hidden into your system.

Additionally, many apps create shortcuts, directories, and management documents when we install them. This accumulates lots of space in our system. So even when we delete a buggy app I left its trace behind,

If you are dealing with the issue in eradicating stubborn files. No problem because the above mention tool is a great help for it. The user can get rid of all useless data of apps quite easily through it. Furthermore, it does not matter what kind of application you want to remove or how large it is. This app can remove them all without any difficulty.

ITrash 5.2.0 for Ma

Similarly, sometimes even after deleting, we cannot find the files which are in our system. These traces of unwanted junk make our device slow and sluggish. It may cause real harm to your system in terms of its performance.

But by using it, in just matters of seconds, you can eradicate them al. these files, their shortcuts, and hidden files will go in just a few clicks. By uninstalling useless apps your system will be saved from the buggy and malicious items that can harm your Mac.

Search, remove, protect

ITrash 5.2.0 for Mac

Additionally, this efficient app does a thorough search or locate all types of files present in the system. Moreover, it provides two types of functionality. You can choose its ghost mode, where it can work in the background and can eradicate every file you drop in it.

Its second mode is called expert mode where it can find all similar and hidden files with more efficiency and delete them. The user can choose any model according to their needs. Further, this tool does not do any harm to your default app files and keep them intact. The user can choose any app file to be safely removed by itrash without difficulty.

This tool can uninstall all apps in a fast and quick way. Furthermore, if apps are no longer present but their files are no worry. It can search for these files and can remove them in just a few clicks. The user can control the whole removal process with ease.

Create lists, history

ITrash 5.2.0 for Mac

Additionally, this tool provides a whole list of files founds like profanes, launch agents, directories, and manuals. It provides the whole history of items uninstalled, found, and removed with reliability. You can check every detail and can supervise it.


All in nutshell, a simple tool to remove or uninstall apps permanently along with their system files.

Features of ITrash 5.2.0 for Mac

  • You can run it in the background by using ghost mode.
  • Efficiently run a deep scan to search files.
  • It can detect similar and related files of apps.
  • The user can uninstall all apps through it.
  • This tool can run scans in expert mode.
  • It gives a list of all applications present in the system of the device.
  • The user can delete every trace of installed apps.
  • Give the opportunity to view the history of uninstalled apps.
  • It protects your all custom and default app and does no harm to them.
  • Perform its function in just a few clicks.
  • A simple tool with a handy interface.
  • It gives the ability to view launch daemon, directories, and manuals.

Technical Details of ITrash 5.2.0 for Mac

  • File Size:19 MB
  • Developer: osxbytes
  • File Name: ITrash 5.2.0-machubby.dmg

System Compatibility of ITrash 5.2.0 for Mac

  • Compatibility: macOS 10.11 or higher
  • System Processor: 64-bit

Download Free ITrash 5.2.0 for Mac

Click on the given button to initiate the downloading process of ITrash 5.2.0 for Mac DMG free. It takes the user to fast, efficient, and secure downloading of ITrash 5.2.0 for Mac. You can even download Dr. Antivirus Pro 3.2.1 for Mac.





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