Privatus 6.2.4 for Mac Free Download

Download Privatus 6.2.4 for Mac free latest version. A marvelous app that helps to secure browsing experience by managing history, cache, and cookies.

Privatus 6.2.4 for Mac Review

Privatus 6.2.4 is a great app that keeps your device secure from all spying and tracking agents. Moreover, nowadays we face potential threats when we browse or surf online. Our data is managed by different companies and being shared between websites.

These websites record information and use this information for their own good. Further, have you ever wonder why you get ads of things you have bought or viewed before? Why these companies always make a just for your list with your favorite products?

Privatus 6.2.4 for Mac

Well, whenever you do a search and visit website these websites save whole information in the name of cookies. Sometimes they are not harmful to your system. But even then it’s clearly envisioned of your privacy.

These webpages can save your browsing histories and area of interest. So they can throw ads at you. Sometimes, even these cookies save our log-in details, the money we spend, and product we but with the help of these spying cookies.

Privatus 6.2.4 for Mac

Besides, it can be not a direct harm to you. Your privacy is important. Do we want our whole online activity can be seen by a third party? Certainly no. our private information and online browsing is a personal area and no one has the right to breach it.

Furthermore, then what is the solution? We need a tool that blocks all these phishing cookies and information heft with ease. Above mention, a tool is a great option for it. As it can bock the ways of all spying and ensure a safe browsing experience.

It Will Work in Background

Privatus 6.2.4 for Mac

Additionally, after installing ad setting it. The user has nothing to do. This app will work silently in the background without interrupting you. It will diligently block all the cookies that will try to make your activity profile. It can delete browsing history, cache, download, and preferences automatically.

This app uses high-end technology thus meet all requirements of apple security system. The user can use it with iCloud easily. Similarly, it supports all famous browsers like safari, chrome, opera, firefox, and yahoo. Additionally, it is very simple to operate an app for everybody.


On an ending note, an incredible app that can ensure the privacy of your personal data.

Features of Privatus 6.2.4 for Mac

  • A reliable tool that blocks online spying.
  • It can works in the background without interfering.
  • Block all kinds of cookies like HTTP etc.
  • Simple to operate for everyone.
  • This tool is compatible with all famous browsers.
  • You can use its functionality with iCloud.
  • Supported by an apple security system and management.
  • Remove all browsing data like histories, cache, download and preferences.
  • It allows us to enable or disable notifications.
  • A customizable tool you can change settings.

Technical Details of Privatus 6.2.4 for Mac

  • File Size: 3.5MB
  • Developer: sweetpproductions
  • File Name: Privatus 6.2.4-machubby.dmg

System Compatibility of Privatus 6.2.4 for Mac

  • Compatibility: macOS 10.14 or higher
  • System Processor: 64-bit

Download Free Privatus 6.2.4 for Mac

Click on the given button to initiate the downloading process of Privatus 6.2.4 for Mac DMG free. It takes the user to fast, efficient, and secure downloading of Privatus 6.2.4 for Mac.





As an alternative, you can download Cookie 6.1 for Mac.


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