Boom 3D 1.3.5 for Mac Free Download

Download Boom 3D 1.3.5 for Mac free latest version. An astonishing tool that enhances audio by boosting and improving sounds.

Boom 3D 1.3.5 for Mac Review

Boom 3D 1.3.5 for Mac is a powerful app that enhances audio with great efficiency. Furthermore, it gives your ability to experience a better world of sound. You can now enjoy music or movies with new exciting audio capability.

Are you bored with the regular sound? Are you sick of buying headphones that cost expensively but work cheaply? Do you want to enjoy favorite songs more? Do you want incredible 3D sound effects that can provide audio that can go directly into the soul?

Boom 3D 1.3.5 for Mac

Well, you do not have to wait more. The above mention app is an incredible choice for it. This is a perfect sound enhancement app that will provide you great output. Furthermore, it does not matter what kind of headphones you use. So you can buy a regular earphone and can enjoy audio with the most heavenly sound.

Similarly, no problem, what type of player you use. The user can stream any media file and can get the most qualitative experience through it.

Movies, Games, Music

Boom 3D 1.3.5 for Mac

Now, do not miss even a whisper of air in movie scenes. It provides clear cut 3D sound that the user will get the ability to listen to every word with clarity. You can even change the volume for audio with ease. Likewise, in gaming, it provide multi-channel experience.

Furthermore, it is one of the best audio players. Now you can play all of the songs in the best high quality with all of the incredible options. The user can select the various feature while playing the audio with efficiency. Besides, you can create a playlist and can manage all songs.

Equalizer, booster, radio

Boom 3D 1.3.5 for Mac

You can tune audio with the help of its bass equalizer. It even provides a wide range of presets that you can use to tweak the sound. Moreover, it cat as a sound booster that will increase the quality of sound in the most effective way.

Furthermore, it gives the opportunity to play more than 1000 radio stations. The user can browse for radio stations for 120 different countries. Likewise, you can access national or international stations effortlessly.


On an ending note, a great app that can enhance, boost, and improve songs.

Features of Boom 3D 1.3.5 for Mac

  • You can add 3D effects to audio or songs.
  • Act as a fantastic audio player.
  • Provide bass equalizer to add in audio.
  • Work with every player, media file, and headphone.
  • You can control the quality and volume of audio.
  • Provide a wide range of presets.
  • Allows to play radio station from all over the world.
  • Organize and create various playlists.
  • A perfect tool to play games, videos, and listen to songs.
  • The sound booster that can increase volume to beyond limit.
  • Enhance clarity of audio to many levels.

Technical Details of Boom 3D 1.3.5 for Mac

  • File Size: 45.76MB
  • Developer: global delight
  • File Name: Boom 3D 1.3.5 for Mac DMG-machubby

System compatibility of Boom 3D 1.3.5 for Mac

Processor: 64-bit

OS: macOS 10.10 or higher

Download free Boom 3D 1.3.5 for Mac

Click on the given button to initiate the downloading process of Boom 3D 1.3.5 for Mac DMG free. It takes the user to fast, efficient, and secure downloading of Boom 3D 1.3.5 for Mac. You can even download iRingg 1.0.45 for Mac.





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