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Download Cookie 6.1 for Mac free latest version. A perfect app that will keep your browsing experience safe or secure form tracking cookies.

Cookie 6.1 for Mac Review

Cookie 6.1 for Mac is a powerful app for mac that stops other websites to store data or information about browsing history. Moreover, whenever we visit any site it tries to collect data about our surfing and search experiences.

Furthermore, have you ever feel surprised when you get ads about the sites you have visited before? Do you feel a bit unprotected when sites tell you that they use cookies? Do it make you a bit privacy intrusion when you have to accept cookies for entering a particular site?

Most importantly, cookies try to track your activities on a different website. Sometimes they are not harmful but they can be malicious too. Additionally, if you do online shopping a lot than it can set a targeted area according to the products you view.

Although they gather information only which you have already entered. But even then it is safe to block all cookies to see your shopping details and information. That will save you from lots of problematic ads and data collection.

Feel Safe Browse confidentially

Cookie 6.1 for Mac

By using this tool you can visit every site without worrying about privacy. Moreover, it will help you to delete all history and cookies other websites have collected. You will be safe from all kinds of tracking cookies that can be harmful to your interests.

This is an easy and simple to operate tool for everyone. The user can manage to launch automatic functionality. So whenever you will visit any new website, it will block them to gather information about you. similarly, the user can add as many websites as they want.

Check Privacy Level

Cookie 6.1 for Mac

This tool provides information about the privacy level of your browser. Like that, it helps to detect and resist all kinds of cookies like HTML5, HTTP, indexed DB, and Flash cookies effortlessly. Therefore, no matter what type of cookies they will want to throw at you this tool will catch them all.

Schedule and Manage

Cookie 6.1 for Mac

You do not have time to remove detected files regularly? No problem, the user can schedule them with ease. It helps to keep the time for cookies removal like right after browser closing etc. therefore, allows to choose settings according to requirement.


On an ending note, a perfect app to keep your browsing experience secure.

Features of Cookie 6.1 for Mac

  • Provide functionality for all popular browsers like chrome, safari, opera, and brave.
  • It can be integrated with various browsers.
  • The user can schedule the automatic removal of cookies.
  • It can resist or clock all kinds of spying cookies.
  • You can get a better experience while browsing.
  • An app with a handy and an intuitive interface.
  • No need for prior knowledge can be used by everyone.
  • The user can manage all cookies from different websites.
  • Provide complete details about cookies blocked and website name.
  • You can schedule time for cookies removal like after log-in.
  • It offers to check privacy level from safe to paranoid.

Technical Details of Cookie 6.1 for Mac

  • File Size: 9MB
  • Developer: Sweetproductions
  • File Name: Cookie 6.1 for Mac DMG-machubby

System compatibility of Cookie 6.1 for Mac

Processor: 64-bit

OS: macOS 10.14 or higher

Download free Cookie 6.1 for Mac

Click on the given button to initiate the downloading process of Cookie 6.1 for Mac DMG free. It takes the user to fast, efficient, and secure downloading of Cookie 6.1 for Mac. You can download Dr. Antivirus Pro 3.2.1 for Mac.






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