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Download DuplicateViewer 3.4 for Mac free latest version. It is the full offline set up of DuplicateViewer 3.4 for Mac to get rid of clone files.

DuplicateViewer 3.4 for Mac Review

DuplicateViewer 3.4 as the name indicates is a powerful tool to find duplicate files from your Mac. Moreover, sometimes our system accumulates lots of duplicate files. These files do not have any use but only consume resources.

Likewise, it may be difficult to select all duplicate files manually or filter them. It requires lots of time and effort to search clone documents and then get rid of them one by one. On another note, sometimes our problem is not only duplicate files but large files too.

Additionally, heavy or large size file burden our system and do not provide any benefit. Even if you get rid of them this will not do any harm to mac. So by removing clone and large files our system may save lots of space. Hence will work better and faster.

Run Scan Automatically

DuplicateViewer 3.4 for Mac

Furthermore, with the help of this tool you do not have to run from folder to folder to check duplicate files. It will do it automatically. The user can run a scan and this tool will start functionality right away without any hindrance.

It can scan the whole system hard drive to locate duplicate files. Besides, the user can drag or drop any folder if they want to scan a particular area rather than the whole system. After the scan, it provides a complete list of items or files it has detected as duplicates.

Similarly, it gives detailed information about the hard disk and its stored data. The user can analyze the external or local storage along with their user and free memory space. It helps to create a menu a bar that you can pin on your device and can view it at any time.

Detect Large Files

DuplicateViewer 3.4 for Mac

Most importantly, the user can even run a scan for large files. You can set a memory size of the files you are looking for. After a thorough scan, it will give a complete list of all large files. The user can preview these files, and locate their folder.

However, by using this app you do not have to worry about formats of files. It does not matter because it can detect or remove documents, images, videos, and much more.

Eradicate or Remove Useless Files

Moreover, it offers to select the files you want to remover. The user can choose to keep any large or duplicate files effortlessly. Likewise, you can clean the whole list of duplicate files in just seconds. It will enhance the performance of mac and will give you extra space and memory.


To wrap it up, a useful tool to remove and scan duplicate files.

Features of DuplicateViewer 3.4 for Mac

  • You can scan the whole system for duplicate files.
  • It provides complete data about scanned files.
  • The user can remove large files.
  • It allows us to drag or drop any folder.
  • The user can preview any file before deleting.
  • This tool can delete any kind of files like documents, audio, and images.
  • The users can keep the files they do not want to remove.
  • It helps to get more space and memory for your device.
  • This app will enhance the performance of mac greatly.
  • You can run scan any time without difficulty.
  • The user can see free up memory and used memory details.
  • It allows us to view external and local storage.

Technical Details of DuplicateViewer 3.4 for Mac

  • File Size: 4.01MB
  • Developer: Doyourdata
  • File Name: DuplicateViewer 3.4 for Mac DMG-machubby

System compatibility of DuplicateViewer 3.4 for Mac

Processor: 64-bit

OS: macOS 10.6 or higher

Download free DuplicateViewer 3.4 for Mac

Click on the given button to initiate the downloading process of DuplicateViewer 3.4 for Mac DMG free. It takes the user to fast, efficient and secure downloading of DuplicateViewer 3.4 for Mac. You can even download Memory Clean 3 v1.0.16 for Mac.







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