Bootstrap Studio 5.2.1 for Mac Free Download

Download Bootstrap Studio 5.2.1 for Mac free latest version. It is the full offline set up of Bootstrap Studio 5.2.1 for Mac to make clickable, responsive, beautiful, and interesting websites.

Bootstrap Studio 5.2.1 for Mac Review

Bootstrap Studio 5.2.1 is a leading tool that enables you to create or design responsive and stunning websites on mac. In addition, this app provides a professional environment with panels and components to make web development easier.

By using this tool, the user can design webpages from scratch. But it give all control over the hand of the user. Furthermore, it helps to select the size for columns and rows according to requirement. This tool can design webpages for every screen size like tablets, android phones, and mac.

Bootstrap Studio 5.2.1 for Mac

Create stunning webpages

Moreover, it provide a wide range of built-in templates to use as a startup for making websites. So you can easily choose what you want. It’s one of the most important things is that it provide drag or drop functionality.

Besides, this tool allows you to choose from the component panel and arrange them on your website with ease. It provides various components like Paragraph, alert, button, heading, image, sub, sup, and much more. The user can make their text italic or bold.

Similarly, if you want to view coding for the website it will give you an opportunity to see it too. The user can customize every component. This tool allows us to use icons and different shapes while developing a webpage.

Bootstrap Studio 5.2.1 for Mac

The user can change the theme and color pattern of the webpage. Similarly, you can select a color for icons, paragraphs, buttons, and headings with convenience. It allows you to push or pull any column you want to change size.

Also, after you have designed a website it will automatically provide fresh and clean code. The user can share this code with their customers or clients. In addition, if you are not satisfied and want to change the website a bit. Then this tool helps to write custom code. You can design multiple pages for a website. Likewise, the user can copy icons to use in many pages at a time.

Moreover, it offers help to synchronize all components or options to one another. Due to it, when you will change one icon on one page, it will automatically change the other too. Although, it provides a wide range of built-in components but if you cannot find what you want. Then you can always browse it and import it in this app.

Preview created websites

Bootstrap Studio 5.2.1 for Mac

Most importantly, now you can preview your website in the favorite browser you are designing the website for. So the user can preview it in different browsers at a time. The changes you will make will automatically appear in the browser tab.


To wrap it up, a wonderful tool to design websites professionally.

Features of Bootstrap Studio 5.2.1 for Mac

  • You can create and design webpages.
  • It allows us to select a color theme.
  • The user can preview their create websites.
  • An app with a clean and smart interface.
  • It allows us to change or edit the coding.
  • You can design websites for tablets and android screen.
  • The user can synchronize different components and link them.
  • It gives the ability to use icons and shapes while designing.
  • This tool allows us to design multiple pages at a time.
  • You can arrange paragraphs and headings.
  • An easy to use tool even for beginners.
  • It provides the ability to drag or drop components.

Bootstrap Studio 5.2.1 for Mac

Technical Details of Bootstrap Studio 5.2.1 for Mac

  • File Size: 84.5MB
  • Developer: BootstrapStudio 
  • Product Name: Bootstrap Studio 5.2.1 for Mac.machubby.dmg

System Requirements of Bootstrap Studio 5.2.1 for Mac

  • System Processor: 64-bit
  • OS: macOS 10.9 or higher

Download Free Bootstrap Studio 5.2.1 for Mac

Click on the given button to initiate the downloading process of Bootstrap Studio 5.2.1 for Mac DMG free. It takes the user step by step to download buttons for fast and efficient downloading of Bootstrap Studio 5.2.1 for Mac. You can even download Axure RP for Mac.





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