PhotosRevive 1.2.1 for Mac Free Download

Download PhotosRevive 1.2.1 for Mac free latest version. A great yet simple app that provides the opportunity to revive all the old black and white photos into colorful images.

Download PhotosRevive 1.2.1 for Mac Review

PhotosRevive 1.2.1 for Mac

PhotosRevive 1.2.1 is a small tool for Mac that helps to revive the old photos in a colorful look. Furthermore, it gives the opportunity to change the look of all black and white images. Most importantly, it does not reduce the quality of pictures but even enhances them.

Further, do you ever think to change the black and white images of either parents or grandparents into colorful ones? Are you interested to know how all the images of old heroes will look like? Do you want to transform black and white photos of anyone special into a lively colorful image?

If that is the case then now you can do it. Because the above mention tool can help to create images you want in just a few clicks. This app provides the opportunity to change black and white images into the modern-day pictures.

Now you no longer have to ponder and wish about the real looks of all old celebrities. The user can transform every old photo with ease. On the other side, it is simple to use tools so you will not have to spend the time learning it.

Scan, Start

Scan Photos to start the functionality, you have to import the scanned images into the interface. But if you do not have scanned images no problem. The user can scan all the images directly through this app. After scanning the images by this tool you can adjust the images.

Therefore, you can improve the quality of the original images to many levels. This tool can adjust the contrast effectively. Likewise, you can set the level for black and white tint in pictures. Moreover, after adjusting the contrast and tint you only have to press the start button.

This tool will use Artificial intelligence to change the color of the images. In addition, it will automatically change your black and white images to a beautiful color full one. This tool itself select the colors for different parts of images according to transparency.


On an ending note, a simple yet effective app to transform black and white images into a colorful one.


PhotosRevive 1.2.1 for Mac PhotosRevive 1.2.1 for Mac

Feature of PhotosRevive 1.2.1 for Mac

  • A tool to change black and white images into colorful ones.
  • This tool uses artificial intelligence to revive images.
  • You have to include a scan photo for reviving.
  • This app helps to increase the quality of images.
  • You can adjust the contrast level.
  • It gives the ability to scan images directly.
  • An easy to use tool for everyone.
  • You can change the level of black and white tint.
  • It assigns colors to the images automatically.
  • An app with a smart and cool interface.

Technical Details of PhotosRevive 1.2.1 for Mac

  • File Size: 141MB
  • Developer: neededapps
  • File Name: PhotosRevive 1.2.1 for Mac -machubby.dmg

System Compatibility of PhotosRevive 1.2.1 for Mac

  • Compatibility: macOS 10.13 or higher
  • System Processor: 64-bit

PhotosRevive 1.2.1 for Mac Free Download

Click on the given button to initiate the downloading process of PhotosRevive 1.2.1 for Mac DMG free. It takes the user to our fast and secure server “on upload” where you can safely download PhotosRevive 1.2.1 for Mac. You can even download PicArrange for Mac.




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