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Download Movist 2.4.2 for Mac free latest version. A great tool that plays high-quality media files with captions and enhanced audio features.

Movist 2.4.2 for Mac Review

Movist 2.4.2 is an excellent tool to play movies and media files on Mac. Furthermore, this tool makes your entertainment time worthwhile to spend. Its sleek interface provides a modern look to media player so that you can enjoy your time.

The user can view the thumbnail and can control the whole watching experience. Therefore, in its control panel, you can change the volume, speed, and quality of the movies. It provides a dark and light theme so that you can choose any option according to mood.

Create Playlist

Movist 2.4.2 for Mac

Moreover, by using it you dot have to create a playlist on your own. Additionally, when you start a series it automatically aligns all late episodes in order and creates their playlist. The user can assign the name to these playlists.

But if you do not like any item. Then it allows us to manually remove or add any file with ease. The user can enable options like shuffle, it can also look in folders and subfolders to locate and find movies and series. This tool provides quality playback to the user.

Incredible performance

Movist 2.4.2 for Mac

Do you think the video you are playing have faded colors and weak quality? No issue. It gives the opportunity to play these videos with enhanced quality by providing HDR color into them. Similarly, it helps to rotate, flip ad change the orientation of videos.

It helps to use a wide range of shortcut keys. Likewise, this tool offers to manage equalizer and compressors for audio. It allows us to play music files in high-quality audio.


Movist 2.4.2 for Mac

Moreover, it helps to choose the language for both audio and subtitles. It gives the ability to see subtitles from two different languages at once. It helps to adjust the size and placement of subtitles. Besides, it offers to watch more than one media file simultaneously.

Furthermore, if subtitles become a bit camouflage in white or dark scenes then no problem. Because you can select the letterbox option to display subtitles in a dark background and write captions. You can even choose the width of the letterbox.

Are you feeling tires by reading subtitles and then watching the expression of actors? Sometimes, it can be difficult to understand a scene like that. But now it’s not the case anymore. Because this app allows us to listen to subtitles without difficulty. The user can adjust the speed of audio subtitles. Likewise, you can hide the visual display of captions with ease.


This tool supports almost all popular and uncommon formats. The user can play video in MOV, FLV, Web,mkv, and AVI, etc. Most importantly, you do not have to download files from the websites so you can play directly with the Movist. This tool can be integrated with safari and come so you can play any media file from anywhere.


All in all, a reliable app with tons of features and excellent functionality.

Features of Movist 2.4.2 for Mac

  • An app that can play media files of all popular formats.
  • The user can control the speed and volume.
  • It can create playlists automatically.
  • You can display multiple language captions at a time.
  • The user can listen to the audio for the subtitles.
  • Helps to select the placement and location of captions.
  • Provide a transparent control panel that does not distract.
  • Play media from webpages directly without downloading.
  • Enable to select between dark and light mode.
  • Provide enhanced display by increasing the HDR coloring view.
  • Flip, rotate, and change the orientation of the video.
  • Offers letterbox options to enhance user experience.

Technical Details of Movist 2.4.2 for Mac

  • File Size: 50.8MB
  • Developer: MovistPrime
  • File Name: Movist 2.4.2 for Mac-machubby.dmg

System Compatibility of Movist 2.4.2 for Mac

  • Compatibility: macOS 10.10 or higher, 10.15 Catalina support
  • System Processor: 64-bit

Download Free Movist 2.4.2 for Mac

Click on the given button to initiate the downloading process of Movist 2.4.2 for Mac DMG free. It takes the user to fast, efficient, and secure downloading of Movist 2.4.2 for Mac.




if you want an alternative then download VLC Media Player for Mac.

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