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Download Affinity Photo 1.8.4 for Mac free latest version. An efficient program that assists to edit high-quality images in a high-quality environment.

Affinity Photo 1.8.4 for Mac Review

Affinity Photo 1.8.4 for Mac is a wonderful app that can edit images to make them beautiful and stunning. Moreover, this tool provides an opportunity to do editing in a smooth and straight forward environment.

The user can do experiment with images and can let their imagination run wild. It offers lots of advanced options that give outstanding results. Similarly, you can use various famous plug-ins like Nike collection 2.5 by DxO to work with efficiency.

Edit Effectively

Affinity Photo 1.8.4 for Mac

This app allows us to edit an efficient manner. The user can enhance brightness, clarity, hue, contrast, and saturation. Additionally, it offers to adjust the white balance and color tone. You can even choose colors from the color wheel and can apply them in pictures.

It gives the opportunity to change the background of the image seamless way. You can remove unwanted things, persons, and objects from a photo in just a few clicks. It allows us to blur any part of the image. Likewise, the user can enhance focus in any part of the image.

This app helps to edit large size image effortlessly. Therefore, you can edit more 100-megapixel image through it. Likewise, it allows us to resize images without reducing the quality of the image. Thus after using it transparency of resized image will not be affected.

Panorama Editing, RAW, PSD, PSB Image Support

Affinity Photo 1.8.4 for Mac

It helps to do panorama stitching of all images. So the user can get the best angle of every image without any difficulty. This tool supports the RAW image with ease. Additionally, you can perform lens correction and can remove the camera shake effect from the RAW images.

It can display a histogram hence the user can adjust shadow, tones, and highlights effectively. The user can even write metadata about every image like name, tags, timing, and file formats. It helps to import PSD and PSB files with convenience.

Layers, Masking, Retouching

Affinity Photo 1.8.4 for Mac

Furthermore, this great tool allows us to apply multiple layering in an image. By using it the user can control the filter and effects. Likewise, you can use masking option to select in which part of image filters should be applied.

It provide the ability to retouch an image in the best possible way. You can remove imperfection from skin like marks, burns, acne, spots, and wrinkles. Besides, it gives great opportunity to enhance the softness and smoothness of skin.

Batch process, Digital painting

Do you have lots of images and want to apply effects or some basic editing in them. So not worry because it allows you to edit hundreds of images in just one go. Moreover, you can even use brushes to do some digital painting.


All in all, a fantastic tool to edit images in a professional manner.

Features of Affinity Photo 1.8.4 for Mac

  • Change the aspect ratio and size of images.
  • Easily edit high quality and 360 photos.
  • Enhance images by adjusting whitening, brightness, and contrast.
  • Change the background in the most seamless manner.
  • Remove useless or distracting things with inpainting tool.
  • Allows to edit RAW, PSB, and PSD images.
  • A tool that can perform masking, blending, and layering.
  • Remove imperfection form skin and tone up.
  • Correct camera shake and red-eye effect from pictures.
  • Allow batch process of images to save time.
  • Provide a range of effects and filters.
  • Give the ability to use brushes to paint digitally.

Technical Details of Affinity Photo 1.8.4 for Mac

  • File Size: 580.5MB
  • Developer: affinity.serif
  • File Name: Affinity Photo 1.8.4 for Mac DMG-machubby

System compatibility of Affinity Photo 1.8.4 for Mac

Processor: 64-bit

OS: macOS 10.7 or higher

Download free Affinity Photo 1.8.4 for Mac

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