URL Manager Pro 5.4.1 for Mac Free Download

Download URL Manager Pro 5.4.1 for Mac free latest version for mac. It is the full offline set up of URL Manager Pro 5.4.1 for Mac. The user can save and store hundreds of URLs through it.

URL Manager Pro 5.4.1 for Mac Review

URL Manager Pro 5.4.1 for Mac as the name indicates is a reliable app that can save all URLs so you can reach them whenever you want. Furthermore, this tool can bookmark as many pages you want without any difficulty.

Although, our browsers provide the capability to bookmark websites or pages. But when we have hundreds of important websites (we visit on a daily basis), it’s difficult to save their URL in the browser. It leads to a mess and make it hectic to find the one you need.

Similarly, the browsers and apps do not allow us to change the position of bookmarks. In addition, they do not give the ability to make categories or groups of similar URLs. So to release all that tensions beacause of bookmarks this tool can help you out.

Bookmark, save and visit

URL Manager Pro 5.4.1 for Mac

Moreover, you can not only save webpages but even links, FTP servers, email addresses, apps content, and much more. The user can get a view of the bookmark through any app menu with ease. Likewise, it allows to access bookmarks in any of your favorite browser.

It offers the opportunity to form folders and categories of all bookmarks according to their type. Similarly, the user can add different bookmarks to their favorite list. It provides the option of a cabinet and drawer where you can save similar URLs.

This incredible tool allows to add notes in the stored bookmarks. It helps to insert or edit info about the webpages to view them at any time. A navigable app as you can search drawer, favorite, and cabinet without any problem.

Additionally, it offers the opportunity to save bookmarks in Dropbox and provide retinal display with efficiency. This tool will assist to manipulate and manage URLs. As you can delete them, change them and store them.

URL Manager Pro 5.4.1 for Mac

Integrate, check, and share

This tool can be integrated with any famous browser. So it supports browsers like Google, safari, Yahoo, Opera, Firefox, tor, Omni web, DEVONagent, sea monkey, icab, and leopard, etc. You can import all important bookmarks from any of the browsers. It allows to export all bookmarks in batch mode to any of the browser in just one go.

The user can run a scan to find any broken and corrupted document. This tool will help to locate them and remove them if you want. Likewise, the user can also find duplicate or clone bookmarks present. This will helps to reduce clutter or mess by deleting all clone URLs.


To wrap it up, a professional tool to manage hundreds of URLs without any frustration.

Features of URL Manager Pro 5.4.1 for Mac

  • A perfect app to manage important URLs.
  • The user can make the cabinet and folder of the bookmarks.
  • It allows to make list of favorite one.
  • This tool can detect the duplicate bookmarks.
  • The user can store URLs from apps, websites, and email addresses, etc.
  • You can add info and notes about bookmarks.
  • It supports all popular formats like Chrome, Firefox, and Brave, etc.
  • A navigable tool as you can search for the required bookmark.
  • The user can check the broken and corrupted URLs.
  • It provide access to bookmarks from any browser and application.
  • An app that can import and export bookmarks to any browser.
  • It allows you to check the history of pages you visited.

URL Manager Pro 5.4.1 for Mac

Technical Details of URL Manager Pro 5.4.1 for Mac

  • File Size: 15MB
  • Developer: URL-Manager
  • File Name: Download URL Manager Pro 5.4.1 for Mac-DMG-machubby

System compatibility of URL Manager Pro 5.4.1 for Mac

  • Processor: 64-bit
  • OS: Mac OS 10.0 or higher, Mojave, High Sierra, and Catalina.

Download free URL Manager Pro 5.4.1 for Mac

Click on the given button to initiate the downloading process of URL Manager Pro 5.4.1 for Mac DMG free. It takes the user to fast, efficient, and secure downloading of URL Manager Pro 5.4.1 for Mac. You can even download iExplorer 4.3 for Mac.



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